Social Online Communities

Engage your membership with real time social communities

Real-time engagement

Unlike other static forum style communities, Breezio allows community members to engage around content and with each other in real time.

Track what others are doing in real-time

Meet via audio and video on the fly

In-line comments for text or video content

Rich group chat and social messaging

Transform your community into a learning hub

Enable community members to help each other, share content, and earn a reputation based on their contributions and become "experts".

Capture your members' knowledge

Allow members to publish and share their knowledge through articles, blogs, videos and more.

Community Features

Customized Homepage

Build a finely customized community homepage to impress your audience and build your brand

Content Publishing

Build a knowledge network by allowing members to publish multi-media content - blogs, articles, videos etc.

Discussion Forum/AMAs

Spur conversations with discussion forums and ask-me-anything sessions

Chat + Video Meetings

Communicate with fellow members in real time

Member Networking

Allow members to showcase their content and skills through social profiles.


Allow members to build their reputation through badges

Video Content

Publish video content and spur engagement via deep conversations aligned with the video timeline

Resource Library

Build a library of multi-media content to capture community knowledge.


Keep on top of mind with mobile, desktop and email notifications

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